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August 12, 2016
August 12, 2016
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This is sure to be one of the best Afro Kinky Curly units on the market. The Jen wig blends perfectly with or without leave-out, and is guaranteed to save you loads of time on styling. Not only will you have everyone thinking that your hair is always poppin’, but you will keep them fooled in the process.


Life Expectancy: 1 Year +

Hair Quality: 100% Virgin Human Hair

Weight (Approx): 200 g

Hair Density: High (characteristics: full or voluminous)

Cap Sizing: Our Wig Caps are made using mesh fabric

  • SMALL (22′ circumference)
  • MED (23′ circumference)
  • LARGE (23.5′ circumference)

Available Lengths: The length of our wigs are measured in inches (‘)

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Care Instructions

Care Instructions

  • Detangling: Working in sections, wet hair thoroughly and apply a generous amount of conditioner. Then gently work through any knots or tangles with your fingers, and follow up with a detangling brush it needed. Do not rinse out conditioner, and leave to air dry or blow dry on low heat.
  • Optional: If you rinse out the conditioner, then follow up with a hair mousse or curling custard for lasting results
  • Co-Washing: This is our preferred method of hair washing that requires a moisture rich conditioner or co-wash cleanser. Distribute a generous amount of conditioner throughout the hair in a downward motion using fingers. To help define curls, brush your conditioner through the hair using a Denman or paddle brush.
  • Shampooing: Only shampoo the hair in order to remove product build up or heavy odors. Follow-up with a deep condition treatment after shampooing. Then follow the detangling instructions if needed, or distribute a generous amount of conditioner, detangle with your fingers and leave to dry.
  • Rinsing: After co-washing or shampooing run water through the hair in a downward motion, using your fingers to help remove the conditioner. Curls should slip easily through your fingers. If you experience any tangling, repeat the detangling step in the tangled region, or try using a wide tooth comb to gently work through the tangles.
  • Deep Conditioning: Deep condition after a shampoo or regularly after colour processing, or as needed. Start by applying your treatment to the hair in a generous amount, then cover your extensions or wig with a plastic cap for 15-20 mins.
  • Defining Curls: Use a good amount of curl definer or lotion and brush through the hair with a Denman brush. When completed, do not disturb the curls and proceed to the drying step.
  • Drying: Air Dry when possible, or use a diffuser attachment to a hair dryer on warm. Excessive heat will loosen curls.
  • Daily Care: Lightly spritz hair with a conditioner/water mixture as needed. Detangle with fingers if necessary

Blending Your Leave Out

  • Wash & Go’s: Using a generous amount of moisturizing conditioner and hair gel, define curls by racking the product with your fingers or a denman brush. Allow your hair to air dry overnight or dry using a diffuser, without disturbing the curls
  • Twist-Outs: Using your favourite styling product and sealant, twist the hair in sections, and dry with heat or air dry overnight, to achieve a twist-out curl.
  • With a Lace Closure: Using a concealer in your shade, mark the parting of your closure to blend with your scalp. Leave a small section of your hairline out to blend with the closure. Use your favourite styling product for a perfect blend


Using Heat:

Can you straighten your curly hair? Yes. Though we recommend not using heat if you want to preserve the curls. Our curly textures are steam processed curls, and so they are not naturally curly. Therefore pressing the hair may permanently loosen the curl

Colour Processing:

Our hair can be dyed. Please be advised that after colour processing this hair it will require extra TLC, moisturizing, and reduced heat. The less heat and colour processing that is used will increase the longevity of your tresses! Regular deep conditioning treatments are also recommended for colour processed hair. *Please note that lifting our hair with bleach can permanently alter it’s texture



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SHIPPING SERVICE: Our current shipping courier is Canada Post

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