My Cancer Story: Darlene Boyd
April 12, 2016

My Alopecia Story: Christen James

Christen James is a spiritual butterfly with so much light in her heart. She is a Life Coach, Lifestyle Blogger, and Yogi, who uses her knack for finding the positives in any situation; plus the lessons she learned on her journey to self-love, to empower others to be who they would love to be. This lady truly lights up the world with her smile, and below she will be sharing her alopecia story with us:
  1. When did you first detect signs of alopecia? And when did you realise you had alopecia?
    I have fine hair, so when I was growing my locs I would have to get those along the hairline reinforced as my hair got longer. About 4 years ago, I noticed there was virtually nothing to reinforce 🙁 and started to style my locs to cover my hairline and alleviate the stress that was being put on that area.
    A year later, after 10 years of growing my locs, I went ahead with the decision that I’d toyed with over that year, and cut my locs to start working on growing my hairline.
  2. What type of alopecia do you have?
    Traction alopecia (hair loss due to tension along the hairline).
  3. Tell us briefly about your alopecia story and how it has impacted your life
    I became really self conscious about it – I still am to a certain degree. It however really allowed me to strengthen the relationship I have with my hair, and helped me pay closer attention to her needs. She’s healthy and continues to grow, and for that I’m grateful.
  4. Do you know whether there is a chance that your hair will grow back?
    My hair has grown back quite a bit but it may never be completely how it was before, but I’ve learned how to live with it.
  5. How can TK Natural Hair Wigs help the needs of black women with alopecia?
    Our hair is our crown, so we want to show/wear it with pride. With hair loss, a sense of womanhood is taken away. If a woman can wear one of your wigs and feel like the Queen that she is and not have to worry about any insecurities – that’s amazing!
  6. What would you say are some preventative measures, or early warning signs that people should be aware of?
    Any kind of thinning, really. Especially if it wasn’t there before, or you notice it happens after wearing your hair a certain way (pulled back or in tight hairstyles). Don’t ignore it!
Thank you Christen for sharing your story!
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